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Why Choose a Periodontist?

Finding an experienced dental professional is an important step in restoring or maintaining your oral health. For more complicated oral health issues, selecting a specialist within the dental field provides you with numerous advantages. Periodontists are highly skilled in diagnosing, treating, and preventing issues related to the gums—specifically gum disease. During the additional three years they attend school, periodontists receive advanced training in all facets of gum-related conditions and implant dentistry. As a trained periodontist, Dr. James Rogers’ expertise in periodontics allows him to provide the expert care more serious oral health concerns require to restore the full function and beauty back to your smile.

Periodontists Specialize in the Hard and Soft Tissues of the Mouth

We focus on conservative treatment related to the gums and bone, in addition to being experienced in placing dental implants. This specialization is advantageous for many reasons, as it means Dr. Rogers has devoted his career to gaining knowledge and expertise in specific periodontal conditions. Through our conservative approach to your oral health care, we strive to bring you beneficial results with minimal discomfort and improved recovery times. Our advanced training, including dental implants and laser gum therapy, coupled with decades of proven expertise, places Dr. Rogers as an expert in periodontal care.

A Periodontist Dedicated to Your Oral Health Care

Dr. Rogers is a periodontist with over two decades of experience in periodontics and a sustained annual average of 30 hours of continuing education courses. He has received advanced training in specialized subjects from prestigious institutes and companies like the World Clinical Laser Institute and Nobel Biocare. In addition, Dr. Rogers is recognized in the American Dental Association tripartite structure, as he holds active dental association memberships at the local, state, and national level. From bone grafting to periodontal maintenance, Dr. Rogers is dedicated to ensuring you are educated in all areas of your oral health and all possible treatment options.

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