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Precision Laser Gum Treatment

Modern dentistry provides patients with many benefits, specifically when it comes to laser gum treatment. Laser technology can treat a wide range of oral health concerns in a minimally invasive, time-conscious, and precise way. This modern treatment option not only targets and eliminates diseased areas, but effectively leaves healthy tissue and bone unharmed for more comfortable procedures and faster recovery times. Dr. James Rogers holds advanced certifications and training in laser treatment, and we offer multiple laser treatments including the REPaiR Perio™ and REPaiR Implant™ protocols utilizing advanced BIOLASE® WaterLase® lasers.

Laser Dentistry Services

  • Gingivectomy

    Removal and reshaping of diseased gum tissue from around the tooth to treat gum disease.

  • Frenectomy

    Removal of the frenulum, a soft tissue fold that may hinder tongue or lip movement.

  • Peri-implantitis Treatment

    Removal of diseased tissue around a dental implant to treat gum disease and halt bone deterioration.

  • Ulcer Removal

    Fast, comfortable removal of cold sores that provides immediate relief.

  • Soft Tissue Biopsy

    Removal of a soft tissue sample for oral cancer detection.

  • Cosmetic Crown Lengthening

    Soft tissue recontouring to improve a “gummy” smile and restore health and balance to the gum line.

  • Exposure and Bracketing

    Orthodontic treatment that exposes an impacted tooth to attach a bracket and move it to the correct position.

Fast, Comfortable Treatment

Dr. Rogers is certified in advanced laser training from the World Clinical Laser Institute and highly skilled at performing complex procedures with laser technology. The minimally invasive and comfortable care he provides with laser gum treatment encourages a more relaxed procedure and less bleeding and discomfort overall. Your oral health can be restored with little-to-no discomfort and faster healing times, letting you quickly return to normal life with a beautiful, healthy new smile!

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