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Advanced Technology Allows for Minimally Invasive Care

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Cutting-Edge Patient Care

We strive to offer the most comprehensive, comfortable, and cutting-edge care for our patients. This has led us to invest in some of the most advanced dental technology available today, including BIOLASE® laser technology, cone beam CT imaging technology, and dental implant planning software. Dr. James Rogers stays up-to-date on these advanced protocols and remains certified and trained in highly advanced dental technology and techniques. As a result, we can provide you with treatments and procedures that are less invasive, more cost- and time-effective, and highly predictable for increased long-term oral health benefits.

Dr. Rogers Talks About the Advanced Technology He Uses

Improved Dental Care

We incorporate advanced dental technology into almost all aspects of our treatments for safer, gentler, more predictable dental care. With the use of this technology, your oral health care experience is greatly improved, treatment is more conservative and comfortable, and the final results more advantageous than many traditional treatment options.

Advanced Dental Technology

  • BIOLASE® WaterLase Express™

    Versatile laser technology used for multiple soft tissue procedures, including frenectomies, biopsies, crown lengthening, and peri-implantitis treatment.

  • BIOLASE® EZlase™

    Diode laser used in soft tissue procedures and for gentle teeth whitening treatment that can be completed in an average of 20 minutes.

  • Cone Beam CT Scan (CBCT)

    3D imaging technology that provides high-quality images of the bone, teeth, gums, and nerves in the face to improve accuracy of diagnosis and treatment planning.

  • Intraoral Camera

    Device that takes high-quality images of the mouth in real time to increase patient education on oral health concerns including cavity detection and oral cancer screenings.

  • Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF)

    A by-product of a patient’s blood used during dental procedures that accelerates hard and soft tissue regeneration to promote faster and more efficient healing.

  • Simplant® Implant Planning Software

    3D dental implant planning used with the CBCT scan that examines functional and aesthetic aspects for more precise and predictable dental implant placement.

Predictable, Safe Results

Dr. Rogers completes an average of 30 hours of continued education courses a year to remain at the top of his field. To further his expertise as a periodontist, he receives training in advanced periodontal care, from minimally invasive treatment techniques to modern regenerative therapy and lasers in contemporary dentistry. The care you receive at our office is based off this dedication to remain educated, trained, and certified in the latest dental technologies and procedures for the most predicable and safest results.

Advanced dental technology provides safe experiences and exceptional results. Schedule an appointment with our office today.