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The Effects of Tooth Loss

In order to restore your overall health, you must first ensure your oral health is in excellent condition. When a tooth is lost, whether to decay, trauma, or disease, your oral health is immediately compromised. Losing a tooth not only affects self-confidence, but can harm the health of your mouth as well. Dental implants provide the necessary functional and aesthetic benefits you need to enjoy an improved quality of life after tooth loss. Dr. James Rogers places dental implants in order to restore the health to your jaw, teeth, and mouth as a whole.

Dr. Rogers Discusses Dental Implants
Dental Implant Process

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the best ways you can help restore your oral health after one or more of your teeth have been lost. Implants also boast high levels of durability and stability thanks to the nature of their titanium post, which acts much like a normal tooth root, fusing to the jaw bone and providing healthy stimulation. This ensures that no more jaw bone volume will be lost and even encourages new bone regeneration. In cases where inadequate jaw bone volume is present, Dr. Rogers may recommend bone grafting to restore the lost bone before placing your dental implants. Dental implants can provide the stability and function of a natural tooth, improve biting, chewing, and speaking abilities, and boost self-confidence.

Modern Technology for Leading Treatment

Dr. Rogers is passionate about bringing you cutting-edge care and has dedicated many hours to training in the latest software, technology, and techniques. We use the some of the most modern technology available today, including cone beam CT imaging technology. This technology allows us to capture 3D images of the oral structures in your mouth, giving us vital insight into the position of your teeth, the volume of your jaw bone, and the location of nerves and sinus cavities. We take this imaging and incorporate it into our Simplant® Implant Planning software to virtually assess and precisely plan your treatment to minimize errors and increase the predictability of your results. Dr. Rogers may also use Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) during your procedure to jump-start the healing process in your gums and jaw bone.

Dental Implants Las Vegas, NV
Pokey's Experience With Implants

Predictable, Precise Placement

Dr. Rogers has spent over two decades honing his skills as a periodontist, especially when it comes to his experience in dental implant placement. Along with being specially trained in implant dentistry as required by his specialty, he has received additional training in precision implant placement from Nobel Biocare, one of the world leaders in dental implant technology. From the functional to the aesthetic, Dr. Rogers has completed numerous continuing education courses pertaining to dental implants and their placement for predictably beautiful, healthy outcomes.

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