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Benefits of a Healthy, Functioning Smile

It may be tempting to put a price tag on a beautiful, healthy smile, but taking the necessary steps to restore your smile is a lifelong investment in your oral health. You can choose to live with missing teeth, but the long-term consequences of tooth loss can lead to a loss of self-confidence, more severe oral health complications, and even systemic problems. We are concerned with not only saving your teeth if possible, but fully restoring your oral health, so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, functioning smile and a boost in overall health and confidence. Dr. James Rogers and our team understand that dental implants are an investment, and we work with you to customize a treatment plan that fits your dental implant cost budget.

Dr. Rogers Discusses Dental Implant Cost

Reasons to Replace a Missing Tooth

You have invested both time and money into restoring your oral health and smile with implants. Any concerns over your implants deserve prompt attention from an implant specialist. It is always best to seek an evaluation, especially when obvious symptoms are present or your implant does not feel “quite right.” Once we determine the cause of your implant problem, we work to reestablish health and function through advanced techniques.

Dental implant cost varies per patient case, as each patient requires unique treatment plans and goals. Your initial consultation will help us determine how your customized treatment will progress based on your current oral health, the number of teeth you need to extract and replace, and any other supplementary procedures that may need to occur before your dental implants can be placed. This is also the recommended time to voice any concerns and ask questions to ensure we are on the same page before, during, and after treatment. Once we have established your treatment plan, we can finalize a price estimate on your dental implant cost and work with you in creating a financial plan, if necessary.

Dental Implant Cost Las Vegas, NV

Procedures That Determine Dental Implant Cost

Specialized in Dental Implant Placement

While dental implants are initially a costlier treatment than other options, such as dentures, patients find that the long-term oral health benefits and aesthetic improvements that come with them are worth the additional investment. With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime, providing you with restored chewing function, an attractive smile, improved health, and an increase in your confidence levels! Dr. Rogers specializes in placing dental implants and continues to further his education in dental implantology to remain current on the latest technology and techniques to achieve the most reliable, functional and aesthetic results.

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