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Treat Peri-Implantitis with Minimally Invasive Laser Technology

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Protect Your Dental Implant Investment

Dental implants have long been considered the ideal solution to tooth loss due to their durability, natural appearance and longevity. However, when proper oral care is not taken, you can run the risk of developing a condition known as peri-implantitis, an infection of the gums and bone surrounding dental implants. This condition is similar to gum disease and can lead to bone loss and the potential for dental implants to fail if not properly treated. Dr. James Rogers is specialized in diagnosing and treating oral health complications related to dental implants and offers BIOLASE® WaterLase® REPaiR Implant™ laser treatment as a minimally invasive option for peri-implantitis.

Dr. Rogers Discusses Peri-Implantitis

Peri-Implantitis Treatment

Peri-implantitis has warning signs similar to that of gum disease. When the area around dental implants becomes irritated from buildup of plaque and tartar, the gum tissue can become red and inflamed. As symptoms progress, the gums may begin to recede, bleed easily and form deep pockets around the dental implants. When enough damage has caused severe gum recession and bone loss, the risk of failing dental implants is high. To save the dental implants and restore health to the gums and bone, the bacteria must be eliminated.

Peri-implantitis Las Vegas, NV

Causes of Peri-Implantitis

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Untreated gum disease
  • Tobacco use
  • Poor implant position
  • Improper dental crown placement

The Treatment Process

Dr. Rogers offers surgical, non-surgical, and laser options to effectively treat peri-implantitis cases. We remove all plaque and tartar that has built up around the dental implants and crown. Diseased gum tissue is removed to prevent further damage. In more severe cases, the jaw bone may need to be reshaped to encourage the reattachment of healthy gums. If bone must be restored in order to stabilize the dental implants, Dr. Rogers may recommend bone grafting to restore adequate bone levels to the area. Based on the condition of your peri-implantitis and personal preferences, we may use BIOLASE WaterLase REPaiR Implant laser treatment, a minimally invasive technique. Utilizing the laser, Dr. Rogers can gently eliminate bacteria from around the dental implants without harming healthy gums for a more comfortable procedure and faster recovery time.

Trusted Periodontal Experience

We are focused on saving your dental implants and restoring your oral health. We try to provide the most conservative treatment options for your comfort, including laser dentistry options. Dr. Rogers has attended many hours of continuing education courses in addition to being highly trained in periodontics, including diagnosing and treating gum-related diseases and placing dental implants. He has received advanced training in the management and preventative strategies of peri-implantitis cases as well as minimally invasive techniques in treating implant complications. We strive to make your treatment as safe and effective as possible to help restore your dental implants and oral health back to proper functioning.

If you have noticed symptoms such as bleeding or inflammation around your dental implants, you may have peri-implantitis. Schedule an appointment to receive a comprehensive evaluation.